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Regarding the diagnosis of arachnoiditis
    Now Offering:

Independent Medical Examination

An extensive 3-5 hr physical examination, review of medical records and discussion with Dr. Aldrete followed by a written report. 
The report can be used for various medical or legal reasons like dealing with health or accident insurance, workman’s compensation, disability, continuum of medical care, case evaluation and meeting with attorney or simply, just to have piece of mind with respect to the diagnosis.

We believe that if you are reporting symptoms consistent with arachnoiditis, your pain is real, debilitating and systematically degrading the quality of your life. 
We believe that you are suffering through many sleepless nights, wondering, worrying and looking for answers.

Most importantly, we believe that the pain is not in “your head”

Call (800) 978-0068 or (205) 968-0068 for information.

No representation is made that the quality of medical services to be performed is greater than the quality of medical services performed by other doctors.

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Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Dr. J. Antonio Aldrete is Board Certified in Anesthesiology and has provided medical care to thousands of individuals for over 35 years.  He has considerable experience in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with diseases of the spine, failed back syndrome, postlaminectomy pain syndrome, abnormalities of the dural sac, complications from intraspinal injections and infusions and special expertise in arachnoiditis.  Dr. Aldrete has done original work on brain resuscitation, allergy to local anesthetics, anesthesia at high altitude and malignant hyperthermia.  He was the chief anesthesiologist for the first 180 liver transplants done in the USA.   Dr. Aldrete developed a postanesthesia grading system known as the Aldrete Score, which is being used in every American hospital. 
Creator and President of the Arachnoiditis Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization, Dr. Aldrete devotes a substantial amount of time on expansion of therapeutic modalities, and finding a possible cure for arachnoiditis.

His medical research is evidenced by 12 books, 80 chapters in text books and 468 articles published in peer review journals.